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How To Fish In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Fishing has long been the primary way of catching water dwelling Pokemon, but not any longer. This guide on How To Fish In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you that you cannot fish in Pokemon Legends Arceus, there is no Old Rod, but you can still catch water dwelling Pokemon.

If you searched for this guide, you’re likely searching for how to catch water dwelling Pokemon in the new Pokemon Legends Arceus. Gyarados has been my favorite Pokemon since day one. Whenever a new Pokemon game comes out, my first task is to do whatever it takes to catch a Magikarp. Unfortunately, in Pokemon Legends Arceus, it’s going to take some time before you’re able to catch Magikarp or other water dwelling Pokemon.

How To Fish In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Before you’re able to catch any water dwelling Pokemon, you must progress through the main story to the third area, Cobalt Coastlands. The story quest chain in this area will eventually give you a Pokemon that you can use to ride on water. Once you have this Pokemon you can automatically summon in whenever your character hits water. This allows you to explore areas that were previously unavailable. Once you have this Pokemon you can ride it and whilst riding on the water, you’re able to find water dwelling Pokemon.

It’s not exactly fishing, but it’s the only alternative. You can probably get to this point of the game in 4-5 hours of rushed play, twice as long if you want to complete all the Requests on the way.

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