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Where To Find Deluxe Edition DLC In Gotham Knights

If you pre-ordered or purchased the Deluxe Edition, there are some cool DLC items you can get. This guide on Where To Find Deluxe Edition DLC In Gotham Knights tells you how to unlock all of your DLC goodies as this includes crafting items, new outfits, and colorways to customize each of the characters in Gotham Knights.

Before you are able to use any of the items you get from buying the Digital Deluxe or above editions, you first need to complete the starting investigation. This is the first mission that acts primarily as a tutorial, walking you through the basics of combat and exploration. Once you reach the new base for the Gotham Knights, the Belfry, you can begin exploring the DLC content.

Where To Find Deluxe Edition DLC In Gotham Knights

You can access most of the items by interacting with the main computer in the Belfry. From there, go to the Gear tab. In the Crafting menu you will find all of the crafting supplies you get from the Digital Deluxe Edition. Next, you can explore the Loadout option in the Gear Menu, this is where you find all of the Beyond suit upgrades for each of the characters. Finally, for the emotes, press Left on the D-Pad on consoles and then access the emote menu.

You can also transmog whatever outfit you are wearing. This replaces the visuals of your outfit but does not replace the stats and bonuses. To do this head to the Gear and Styles menu’s, and then select Current Suit and apply the Transmog.

And that’s how to get all of the DLC for the Digital Deluxe Edition in Gotham Knights.

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