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Where To Find Squirrels In Horizon Forbidden West

The Potion Pouch quest requires two Squirrel Hides to complete. This guide on Where To Find Squirrels In Horizon Forbidden West will explain how you can track these pesky little rodents and where you can find them, so you can complete the quest, gather the Squirrel Hides, and move on to bigger and more exciting things.

There is a really important tracking trick that you need to be aware of if you want to hunt Squirrels. When you are using Aloy’s special sense (R3), tapping it doesn’t do a thing for tracking wildlife. Even if you are a few inches directly in front of a boar, the tracking will not pick it up. You need to hold R3 so Aloy slows down in the full sense mode. You will then see the outline of small creatures from quite a distance. From there you simply need to highlight the creature long enough and tag it. Once it’s tagged, you can hunt it down.

Where To Find Squirrels In Horizon Forbidden West

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The area the quest highlights isn’t very good for squirrels. Instead, you want to travel South West of the Relic Ruins: The Daunt location. There’s a campfire to the West, right near the quarry. At the campfire, trigger your sense and scout for Squirrels. There are usually two that spawn here. The Squirrel Hides are not a guaranteed drop do you will likely need to kill more than two. If you don’t get them off the first two, fast travel to the campfire in town and then fast travel back (if you go from fire to fire, it’s free). This will make the Squirrels respawn and you can kill them again.

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