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How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

You can unlock face paint very early in Forbidden West but how do you put it on? This guide on How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you everything you need to know to get Aloy decked out in her war face so she can strike fear into the hearts of her foes. Do the machines have hearts? Anyway…

Some of the earliest side quests in Horizon Forbidden West offer face paints as a reward. These can be as early as 10 minutes into the open-world section, once you’ve completed the prologue and tutorial. However, even though you can get Face Paints very early, you’re going to need to wait a long time before you’re able to use them.

How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

It’s possible this option is available earlier but I didn’t find a Painter until I reached The Bulwark. This is part of the story progress, so you can’t miss it. Follow the main story until you have access to The Bulwark. Once you do, head to the very top of the settlement. Here you will find a Painter.

There’s likely more later in the game but this is the earliest location I’ve found one. Speak to the Painter and you can purchase and equip any face paints that you have already unlocked through exploring the game.

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