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Where To Get The Clawstrider Override In Horizon Forbidden West

For one of the Raintrace Hunting Grounds Trials you need a Clawstrider Override. This guide on Where To Get The Clawstrider Override In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you which Cauldron you need to complete in order to unlock the ability to override the Clawstrider machine.

Cauldrons are a feature from the original Horizon Zero Dawn game, and they act much in the same way in Forbidden West. There are 6 Cauldrons total (two of which are story based) and each Cauldron rewards Aloy with the ability to override new machines. For one particular Hunting Grounds Trial, the Mounted Combat Trail in The Raintrace, you need to be able to override a Clawstrider in order to attempt to complete the trial.

Where To Get The Clawstrider Override In Horizon Forbidden West

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The Clawstrider override can be found at the IOTA Cauldron which is directly North from The Shining Wastes tallneck, right on the edge of the map. When you take over a Cauldron there are two types of override rewards you can get. Full data instantly allows you to Override that machine without further action, once you have unlocked the data. You can also get Corrupted Data. Corrupted Data is only partial and part of the puzzle, you will need to repair the data back at your main base.

However, for the Clawstrider Override, it’s all of the data, so you do not need to return to base to complete it.

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