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World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Guide

World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Guide
World of Final Fantasy is home to an epic Coliseum that provides some of the most challenging and rewarding content available in the game. This World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Guide lists all of the challenges you’re able to unlock in the Coliseum as well as information on when the different challenges become available.

Where Is The Coliseum In World Of Final Fantasy?
The Coliseum is not available at the very beginning of the game. Progress through the main story and eventually you’ll meet a Tonberry when you return to Nine Wood Hills. It will introduce the Coliseum via a cut-scene before you’re able to explore it freely. You can either use the Gate at Nine Wood Hills to travel to the Coliseum or speak with the Tonberry inside Nine Wood Hills.

World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Guide

The Coliseum is pretty much what you would expect. You can participate in various battles with rewards including items, more quests or even Mirages. Most of the item rewards themselves are rather basic but pretty early on you’re able to fight many rare and powerful Mirages that make a great addition to any stack. Below is a list of all of the events available at the Coliseum, when they unlock, what rewards they offer and what Mirages they include.

If you want information on how to catch each Mirage check out our World of Final Fantasy Mirage guide.

World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Mirage Guide

The Coliseum

World Of Final Fantasy Coliseum Challenges Guide

Coliseum Challenges
We’re updating this as we progress through the game so bookmark the page and check back for updates!

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