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Horizon Forbidden West Strike Pieces Guide

Want to unlock more Strike Pieces for Machine Strike in Forbidden West? This Horizon Forbidden West Strike Pieces Guide will tell you the location of all of the Strike Pieces we’ve discovered on our adventure so far, so you can build out your roster and tackle the games more difficult Machine Strike challenges.

Machine Strike is a tactical strategy game where Aloy and an opponent battle with play pieces based on the machines that inhabit the world. Each piece has its own stat line, type, rarity, and abilities. While seemingly simple on the surface, Machine Strike is surprisingly complex, and a lot of fun if you like this style of mini-game. Below is a breakdown of every Strike Piece we’ve found in the game so far with details on how to find them, what rarity they are, and the type they belong to.

Horizon Forbidden West Strike Pieces Guide

Strike Piece NameTypeRarityHow To Unlock
BristlebackRamUncommonComplete all Machine Strike challenges in Chainscrape. Can also purchase from Strike Carver at Daunt hunting grounds
Apex ClawstriderMeleeUncommonDigital Deluxe Edition
FanghornRamUncommonComplete Machine Strike Tutorials
LancehornRamUncommonComplete Machine Strike Tutorials
BurrowerMeleeCommonComplete Machine Strike Tutorials
GrazerRamCommonComplete Machine Strike Tutorials
ScrapperGunnerCommonComplete Machine Strike Tutorials
Charger DashUncommonComplete Machine Strike challenges in Barren Light
ScroungerMeleeCommonPurchase from Strike Carver at The Daunt Hunting Grounds
PlowhornRamUncommonDefeat the Strike Player in Plainsong
BellowbackGunnerUncommonPurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
Redeye WatcherGunnerUncommonPurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
SunwingSwoopUncommonPurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
BehemothGunnerRarePurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
ClamberjawMeleeRarePurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
Elemental ClawstriderGunnerRarePurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
StalkerMeleeRarePurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
FireclawMeleeLegendaryPurchased from Raintrace Strike Carver
LeaplasherRamCommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
ClawstriderMeleeUncommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
GlinthawkSwoopUncommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
LonglegGunnerUncommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
SkydrifterSwoopUncommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
WidemawPullUncommonPurchase from Plainsong Hunting Grounds
SpikesnoutMeleeCommonPurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
Tracker BurrowerMeleeCommonPurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
RavagerGunnerUncommonPurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
Shell-WalkerMeleeUncommonPurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
SnapmawPullUncommonPurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
FrostclawMeleeRarePurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
RockbreakerGunnerRarePurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
RollerbackMeleeRarePurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground
ScorcherDashRarePurchase from Sheerside Mountains Hunting Ground

We will continue to update this guide as we find more Strike Pieces in Forbidden West.

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