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How To Throw A Rock In Horizon Forbidden West

Using rocks to distract enemies is vital to successful stealth missions. This guide on How To Throw A Rock In Horizon Forbidden West will tell you how you can equip and throw a rock as the interface can be a little confusing if you’re navigating it for the first time.

To understand how to throw a rock you need to familiarize yourself with Aloy’s hunting pouch. When you craft items in Forbidden West you can do so from two locations. You can use a crafting bench or you can craft directly from Aloy’s hunting pouch. The hunting pouch is designed to the down button on the d-pad. This is where you find traps, healing potions, how to get on your mount, and also how to throw rocks. Learning to navigate this menu is important if you want to use rocks to distract enemies.

How To Throw A Rock In Horizon Forbidden West

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It does work in combat but for the sake of ease here, do this somewhere safe. Sit at a camp or in a town and hold down on the d-pad. This will bring up Aloy’s hunting pouch. You can navigate through with left and right to select the item you want to use. Select the rock and then press O to cancel the menu. With the rock selected press down. You need to leave the camp for this bit as you can’t use weapons or rocks in safe places.

Once you press down Aloy will bring out a rock then simply aim where you want it to go (don’t use L2, just look), and then press R2 to throw the rock.

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