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How To Solve The Building Construction Medallion Puzzle In Gotham Knights

After witnessing the ball, you have to solve another of The Court’s puzzles. This guide on How To Solve The Building Construction Medallion Puzzle In Gotham Knights will tell you what order you need to activate the golden medallions on the floor to unveil the way ahead so you can continue with the story.

When you enter the room you will notice that there are 4 models of buildings, and in front of each building is a gold, circular switch on the floor. You need to activate the switches in a particular order if you want to solve the puzzle and move on to the next room. This one is actually really easy. If you look around the room there are pictures on the walls with dates below them, this is the only clue you’ll need to solve this puzzle.

How To Solve The Building Construction Medallion Puzzle In Gotham Knights

If you inspect the pictures you will see two officers standing outside the GCPD with the date 1841. Another picture shows the construction of the Gotham Courthouse in 1842. The third is the Gotham Cathedral, which was taken in 1877. The final picture shows the other building with the date 1836, not actually sure what that building is.

So the correct order is the building with the clock tower, the GCPD, the Gotham Courthouse, and then the Gotham Cathedral.

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