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Pokemon Legends Arceus Big One Or Small One Choice

During your playthrough of Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will run into a choice about a certain Pokemon. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus big one or small one choice guide to find out which choice you should make. This way you don’t pick the wrong one.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Big One Or Small One Choice

During the story you will run into a woman with a couple of Growlithe just hanging out at the top of a cliff. She will tell you a story about the big and small Growlithe and then ask you which one of these belonged to the previous lord. You will be asked to pick the big one or the small one. The choice you make here doesn’t actually matter, either way you will get the same response. You will be told you are right and you will hear the rest of the story.

If you want to catch your own Growlithe, you can head back down the path and near the trees you can find a couple that spawn at night. They are aggressive Pokemon so you will have to sneak or fight to catch it. Still they can be rare to find, you might have to load in once or twice in order to find one roaming around the area. A fire stone is used to evolve Growlith in this game.

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