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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Side Quest Guide
Dragon Quest Builders features a huge variety of exciting and rewarding side quests throughout the game. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Side Quest Guide covers all of the available side quests during your time exploring the first chapter including side quest locations, a walkthrough and details on rewards.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Pippa Side Quests – Chapter 1′] Pippa Side Quest 1
Quest: Finish Pippa’s house
Quest Guide: Add blocks of mud 2 high around the whole building
Reward: White Petals X3

Pippa Side Quest 2
Quest: Build torches on the crafting table
Quest Guide: Torches require 1x Broken Branch and 1x Blue Goo
Reward: Broken Branch x1

Pippa Side Quest 3
Quest: Add torches to Pippa’s house
Quest Guide: Place a single torch inside the house
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Pippa Side Quest 4
Quest: Make 2 beds. You need to collect straw.
Quest Guide: Search nearby for grass, it’s the darker green type that you can destroy.
Reward: Broken Branch x2

Pippa Side Quest 5
Quest: Gather some Plumberries
Quest Guide: Search around nearby trees for Plumberries that have fallen to the floor
Reward: Plumberry x3

Pippa Side Quest 6
Quest: Build a chest.
Quest Guide: Chests require 3x Broken Branches
Reward: Broken Branch x2

Pippa Side Quest 7
Quest: Build a workroom
Quest Guide: Place the blueprint and then place the required items on top. You need a Bonfire, Mason’s Work Station, Straw Door and Chest.
Reward: Coarse Cloth x1

Pippa Side Quest 8
Quest: Find The Funny Man, Rollo
Quest Guide: Follow the Q on the compass to the small camp with the bonfire and crate. Destroy the bonfire and the Q location will update on your compass. This leads you to Rollo, who is buried inside a small dirt like house. Smash it up to free him and walk him back to your base.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Pippa Side Quest 9
Quest: Build a Kitchen
Quest Guide: You need to complete Rollo’s first quest before this is available. You need enough materials for a wall 2 high, a cookfire, a door and a chest. Place these inside a room to create the kitchen
Reward: Plumberry x2

Pippa Side Quest 10
Quest: Build Pippa a house. This quest isn’t available until you defeat the 2nd wave of monsters that attack the town.
Quest Guide: You need a normal bedroom but with a Lady Sign on the inside. It doesn’t work if you put it on the outside.
Reward: 2x Chimaera Wing

Pippa Side Quest 11
Quest: Build a dressing room
Quest Guide: You need to make a room with a Chair x2, Light Source and Armoire
Reward: Fried Egg x3

Pippa Side Quest 12
Quest: Make a meal out of Meat and Wheat
Quest Guide: You need to make bread from wheat and obtain meat from the bunny enemies in the desert area to get the Bunny Burger recipe.
Reward: Fruit Salad x2

Pippa Side Quest 12
Quest: Deliver 5 Medicinal Pouches
Quest Guide: Make 5 Medicinal Pouches at the Mason’s Workstation
Reward: Medicinal Herb x7
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Rollo Side Quests – Chapter 1′]

Rollo Side Quest 1
Quest: Make Chimaera Wings
Quest Guide: Head to the Q on the compass and kill the Vultures here until you get 5x Chimaera Feathers and then use the crafting station to make the Chimaera Wings
Reward: Broken Branch x4

Rollo Side Quest 2
Quest: Make Shroom-on-a-stick
Quest Guide: You must complete Pippa Side Quest 9 before this is available. Gather mushrooms found nearby
Reward: Shrooms-on-a-stick x1

Rollo Side Quest 3
Quest: Increase Base to level 2.
Quest Guide: You need to build pots that require Earth x3 and Blue Goo x1. You get Blue Goo from the blue slimes. You get 50 points per Pot so build enough to reach level 2 for your Base. Alternatively you can construct a Pot House. You need to make a room with 5 Pots, 1 Chests and a Light source. This is worth a lot of points and also has your citizens creating pots for you.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Rollo Side Quest 4
Quest: Build a teleportal
Quest Guide: Build a teleportal at the Mason’s Workstation. You need Earth x3, Blue Goo x1 and Blue Tablet Fragment
Reward: Coarse Cloth x1

Rollo Side Quest 5
Quest: Make the teleportal
Quest Guide: Simply place the teleportal on the ground

Rollo Side Quest 6
Quest: Build a Giant Mallet
Quest Guide: Head through the teleportal and then travel South West. You’ll see a very tall tower with a fireplace on the top. Head up the building and speak to Clobberina inside. She will ask you to fix the holes in her roof. Chop down the nearby ivy outside and then make the Cord and the Straw Flooring. Place the straw flooring to move forward. Head to the roof and build the Giant Mallet for 3x Broken Branches then return to town.
Reward: Chimaera Wing x2

Rollo Side Quest 7
Quest: Build a Colossal Coffer
Quest Guide: You need 8x Wood, 3x Fur and 1x Pot to make the Collosal Coffer. Gather wood from trees with your Giant Mallet and Fur from Hammerhoods.
Reward: Blue Goo x5

Rollo Side Quest 8
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: This becomes available after you recruit Kenelm to the city.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Rollo Side Quest 9
Quest: Find out how to build Stone Stockade. This quest isn’t available until you defeat the 2nd wave of monsters that attack the town.
Quest Guide: Simply head to the quest objective on the compass and speak with Ranulph.
Reward: Stone x3

Rollo Side Quest 10
Quest: Build a Stone Stockade
Quest Guide: Use the blueprint Rollo gives you to build the stockage You need around 40 Stone Wall blocks and 15 spike traps.
Reward: 3x Fur

Rollo Side Quest 11
Quest: Raise Base level to 3
Quest Guide: Using the items to change the skins of the blocks provide a lot of boost to town level, as well as building a Pot Room. 5x Pots, Light Source & Chest.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Rollo Side Quest 12
Quest: Find the legendary Blacksmith
Quest Guide: This quest becomes available after you’ve got the Red Teleportal. Head to the quest marker in the Damdara. North West of where you enter there’s a large oasis type area. Pippa is standing outside but it’s actually a disguised enemy. Kill the Knight, grab the key and open te door. Magnus the Blacksmith in inside
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Rollo Side Quest 13
Quest: Obtain the Evil Idols from the Damdara Pyramid.
Quest Guide: Head to the objective marker at the Pyramid. Once inside be sure to explore past the dirt wall just after the entrance to the Pyramid. There are two chests here, one with boots that remove drop damage. You need an iron weapon or hammer to take down the idols, then simply escape.
Reward: 3x Chimaera Wing

Rollo Side Quest 14
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Clear the wave of enemies attacking the town
Reward: 1x Seed of Life

Rollo Side Quest 15
Quest: Construct the Steel Stockade
Quest Guide: When constructing the barricade place the spike traps first, then the barricades, then the idols and then the walls.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Rollo Side Quest 16
Quest: Increase your towns level to 4
Quest Guide: You should be pretty close to level 4 already. Make sure to use as much cladding and flooring as possible as this increases points. You should also have 20+ pots in your Pot Chamber by now, use those to ramp up the points fast.
Reward: Steel Ingot x3

Rollo Side Quest 16
Quest: Construct the Cantlin Shield
Quest Guide: You need to use Wrecking Ball’s on the large Golem at the start of the Desert area and on the obsidian rocks with ore inside in order to get the Orichalcum and Golemite to make the Cantlin Shield.
Reward: Iron Ingots x5

Rollo Side Quest 16
Quest: The Final Battle
Quest Guide: You need to defeat The Golem. This is actually a pretty tough fight if you’re not fully prepared. Before you begin the battle you want to ensure you have at least 20 Wrecking Balls and 12 Cantlin Shields for the easiest way to win. For more information check out our kill the Golem guide
Reward: Tarnished Token, 10x Medicinal Herb

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Larouche Side Quests – Chapter 1′]

Larouche Side Quest 1
Quest: Find a new villager
Quest Guide: Go through the teleportal and follow the Q objective on the compass to reach the new villager. When you arrive speak with him and you’ll have to fight 2 higher level skeletons.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Larouche Side Quest 2
Quest: Improve Workshop
Quest Guide: Add a Leather Sack, Shop Sign and a Sconce to your Workshop. You can get Leather Sacks from the larger, orange-hooded Hammerhoods.
Reward: Wood x3

Larouche Side Quest 3
Quest: Build a watchtower
Quest Guide: Place the watchtower blueprint and complete it
Reward: Iron Ingot x3

Larouche Side Quest 4
Quest: Defend the city
Quest Guide: Defend the city from enemy attack
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Larouche Side Quest 5
Quest: Defend the city
Quest Guide: Defend the city from enemy attack
Reward: Seed of Life x1

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Kenelm Side Quests – Chapter 1′]

Kenelm Side Quest 1
Quest: Defeat the Iron Scorpion. This quest isn’t available until you defeat the 2nd wave of monsters that attack the town.
Quest Guide: Simply head to the quest marker on the compass. I would suggest a Bronze Sword and armor, plenty of healing items. The boss has 3-4 adds.
Reward: Spilling Slice Ability, Healing Cream x5

Kenelm Side Quest 2
Quest: Make an Armory
Quest Guide: Upgrade your dressing room to include Ornamental Swords and Ornamental Armor to make it become an Armory.
Reward: Medicinal Herb x3

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Magnus Side Quests – Chapter 1′]

Magnus Side Quest 1
Quest: Build a Furnace
Quest Guide: Upgrade the furnace. Materials are basic, coal and iron.
Reward: Coal x5

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Sheridon Side Quests – Chapter 1′] Quest: Build a Wrecking Ball
Quest Guide: Construct a wrecking ball. Simple ingredients except for the Rockbomb Shard. You must travel to the next area and kill the boulder type enemies. You need to kill them before they explode
Reward: Seed of Life x1
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Hidden Side Quests’]

Hidden Side Quest 1
Location: Through the teleportal. Travel to Clobberina’s house then continue South West. You’ll see another tall structure with a well on top. A short distance further South West is a large drop down area into a graveyard. Speak with the Hammerhood to begin the quest.
Quest: Repair the graveyard
Quest Guide: You need to be able to travel to the desert area, Damdara, to complete this quest. Once able you’ll need to travel to the very furthest North/North-East point on the map. Over the mountains that surround the edge, you’ll see an island in the distance. Inspect the water closely and you’ll find a shallow part that you can use to walk across. Once there speak with the Brownie. He’ll teach you how to make gravestones. Return to the Hammerhood in the other graveyard to place the gravestones and complete the quest.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Hidden Side Quest 2
Location: Two Hammerhoods are having a competition to make the best garden. Check South West of the Scorpion location, over the mountain
Quest: You need to progress through the main story until you get to the Damdara through the Red Teleportal. Once you’re there find some iron and bring it back to make an iron bar. Then you will learn how to make a Shovel. Now you need to find the exact plants the other Hammerhood has in his garden. Using what’s already in the other Hammerhood’s garden you need the following plants:

Milkblossom (Light blue flower) x3 – You can find these outside of the Castle, East side
Medicinal Shrub (The plant that has the Medicinal Herb) – There’s a large collection of these just outside of the castle on the East side.
Sandwort Plant (Darker grass) – This grass can be found throughout Damdara (the desert region)
Cactus x2 – You need to build your own cactus to match the other Hammerhoods. You collect Cactus Crown (the top) from the short Cacti and the trunk from the larger ones, use your spade.
Prickly Peach Cactus x1 – These are the small circular Cacti found throughout the Damdara region

Don’t forget to use the plants already in place. There’s also a Coralily (the purple flower) directly behind the garden.

Reward: A Bench, Hammerton Hothouse Blueprint (Speak to the other Hammerhood at the next garden).

Hidden Side Quest 3
Location: This NPC can be found just East of the Castle you have to reach for another quest. Just outside is an NPC standing atop a wall. Speak with him.
Quest: Repair the wall and spike traps
Quest Guide: Use the Spike Traps and Stone Wall he gives you to repair the wall
Reward: Take the Spike Traps

Hidden Side Quest 4
Location: Once you reach the Damdara area through the Red Teleportal head West. Past the golems and scorpions you’ll find a lone Hammerhood standing outside some ruins with a well inside. From there head a short distance North West to find the NPC that will teach you how to make the Brick Barbecue
Quest: Aid the spirit
Quest Guide: Speak to the spirit and a few enemies will spawn. Take them out and speak to him again.
Reward: Brick Barbecue

Hidden Side Quest 4
Location: In the final area through the Green Teleportal. When you enter follow the path South East until you reach the end of the valley. Climb the mountain ahead and keep going directly East. You’ll see an area ahead with a few trees and then further in the distance a much larger area with more trees. In the center of that area is Splatrick.

Quest: Help Splatrick
Quest Guide: Speak to Splatrick, kill the slimes that spawn and then take him back to the village
Reward: Splatrick joins your village

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 Side Quest Guide

After you defeat the Golem you will be ready to move forward to Chapter 2 once you head to the beam of light to the East over the mountains. Save before you enter as everything you’ve got gets left behind and there are a number of challenges that offer rewards as you enter Chapter 2. For more information check out our where to find 3 dragons challenge guide and Hammerhood garden challenge guide.

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  1. Your missing a Hidden Side Quest, there is a cave through the blue portal that has some bones, straw mattress, and a note that if you make a proper burial site (dirt and gravestone over his bones) you can have his treasure. It is an accessory that allows you to double jump!!!

  2. Justen is correct, There is a cave (which cave exactly is random for everyone), where there is straw floor, a pot, a bed and some bones. Place dirt over the bones then place a tombstone over the dirt. My cave was one of the ones near the Garden side quest. Other people’s are closer to the castle. But it should always be located within the Blue Portal area

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