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Far Cry Primal Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Far Cry Primal Crafting And Upgrades Guide
One of Far Cry’s most popular features returns in Far Cry Primal with yet another in-depth and rewarding crafting system that provides, weapons, consumables and more. This Far Cry Primal Crafting And Upgrades Guide lists all of the available items that you can craft in the game, how you unlock the ability to craft them and what materials are required to create all of the items.

Check below for each of the different people you can recruit and what they offer your village.

Takkar Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Bow Upgrades
Club Upgrades
Spear Upgrades
Bait Upgrades
Sting Bomb Upgrades
Arrow Quiver Upgrades
Guts Bag Upgrades
Kapala Shard Upgrades

Jayma Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Sling Upgrades
Long Bow Upgrades
Double Bow Upgrades

Wogah Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Grappling Claw Upgrades
Club Belt Upgrades
Spear Belt Upgrades
Trap Upgrades
Pack Upgrades
Stone Shard Upgrades
Hunter Belt Upgrades
Berserk Shard Upgrades
Throwing Shard Belt Upgrades
Bomb Belt Upgrades

Karooshs Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Two Handed Club Upgrades
Winter Clothing Upgrades

Dah Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Berserk Bomb Upgrades

Roshani Crafting And Upgrades Guide

Fire Bomb Upgrades

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