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Where To Find The Grappling Claw In Far Cry Primal

Where To Find The Grappling Claw In Far Cry Primal
The Grappling Claw in Far Cry Primal is needed to access various parts of the world. If you don’t know where to look finding one can take quite awhile. This guide will tell you Where To Find The Grappling Claw In Far Cry Primal!

Where To Find The Grappling Claw In Far Cry Primal

You will first need to unlock the mission to visit with Wogah The Crafter. Go over to his marker on the map and you will get a cut scene. When you are knocked into the cave you will have to face of with Jaguar running around down there. Kill it and then go towards the back of the cave to find dead Jaguar. Use your hunter vision and on the dead Jaguar you can loot your grappling claw. You can pretty much use the grappling claw anywhere where you see a white bird painted onto the rocks. Just look up and you should see the claw point somewhere above you. You can also grapple from one point to another if one is close enough.

To get out of the cave you will be using the grappling claw quite a few times. You will have to jump a gap with it and then climb out of the cave so you can visit Wogah again. Watch out for the other Jaguars that are in the cave as well. When you are out go visit with Wogah again so you can get him to come join your village.

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