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How To Swim Or Surf Across Water In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

You don’t need HM’s to fly or swim anymore. This guide on How To Swim Or Surf Across Water In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you everything you need to know to learn how you can explore across all the water in the game, with a special ability that acts like surf to let you navigate across lakes and rivers.

The Pokemon games have slowly been doing away with the cumbersome Hidden Machine system for some time now, and that trend continues with the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. While the actual method of swimming or surfing on water remains similar, you still need a specific Pokemon with a specific ability, it no longer wastes move slots and you have a lot more freedom with how you want to progress in the game.

How To Swim Or Surf Across Water In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

How To Swim Or Surf Across Water In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet Titan
As you have probably already figured out, Koraidon / Miraidon is going to act as your travel companion throughout Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. Right near the start, after you complete the introduction to the school, Koraidon / Miraidon becomes your mount, doing away with the need for a bike or other form of travel. It works very much the same for surfing or swimming in Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet.

If you want to navigate across the water, you need to “upgrade” Koraidon / Miraidon. You do this by helping Arven with his task of finding the special herbs by defeating the Titans. I did the Sky Titan first but I think any Titan works, the first one you defeat will power up Koraidon / Miraidon enough to be able to traverse on water.

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