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Investigate A Sighting Of An Unusual Ponyta In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Ponyta is one of the first investigations you can unlock. This guide on Investigate A Sighting Of An Unusual Ponyta In Pokemon Legends Arceus will walk you through the investigation process so you have everything you need to complete this unique Pokedex challenge and be one step closer to mastering Ponyta’s Pokedex.

Ponyta is likely one of the earliest Pokemon most players will catch. It’s a popular first generation Pokemon, it’s Fire type, has cool moves, and looks pretty cool to boot. It will likely be the first introduction to investigations for many players. Investigations are unique challenges found in the Pokedex entry for certain Pokemon. Inspect Ponyta in your Pokedex and you will notice the final entry tasks you with completing an investigation to sight an unusual Ponyta, it’s a shiny version. While each investigation is unique, they all have the same requirements. You must first catch the Pokemon in question, Ponyta can be found on the Obsidian Fieldlands map, and you must have progressed far enough into the story to access all areas related to the investigation.

Investigate A Sighting Of An Unusual Ponyta In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have caught a Ponyta you should find Request #19 – A Peculiar Ponyta is unlocked. You can find it on the request board inside the professors lab, which can be located in the Galaxy Hall building in the village. You shouldn’t need to be too far into the story to unlock this Request. Once you have the Request speak with Yota in town, he can be found on the bridge near the farm.

Once you have it, track the Request, and then head to the Obsidian Fieldlands. The objective marker will take you directly to a Shiny Ponyta. Catch it, obviously. Once you have caught the Pokemon and completed the Request, the investigation is complete.

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