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Investigate Whether Clefairy Dance Under A Full Moon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Completing Clefairy’s unique investigation is a heartwarming journey. This guide on Investigate Whether Clefairy Dance Under A Full Moon In Pokemon Legends Arceus tells you everything you need to know to complete Clefairy’s Pokedex entry, which gives you the opportunity to witness something awesome.

There are a number of Pokemon in the Arceus Pokedex that feature unique investigation challenges as part of the Pokedex entry. Clefairy is one such Pokemon. In nearly all instances, you can view the challenge once the Pokemon is in your Pokedex, but you can only complete the investigation if you have caught that particular Pokemon. So, before you’re able to see if Clefairy’s do indeed dance under a full moon, you need to catch a Clefairy.

Investigate Whether Clefairy Dance Under A Full Moon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

To complete this investigation you need to unlock Request #67 – The Clefairys Moonlit Dance. You unlock this quest by first progressing far enough into the story and second by making sure you have caught a Clefairy. You need to be able to access the Coronet Highlands region, if you are unable to access that region, the Request is unlikely to appear, even with a Clefairy in your Pokedex.

Once you have progressed far enough into the story Request #67 will appear in town. It will be inside Galaxy Hall on the Request board in the professors office. This one is simple enough, just follow the objective marker to the Coronet Highlands and witness the Clefairy dancing in front of the full moon.

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