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Where To Catch Clefairy In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Clefairy can take a punch and that’s important now more than ever. In this guide on Where To Catch Clefairy In Pokemon Legends Arceus we’ll tell you where you can find this strong Pokemon as it will help in the shifting meta introduced with Arceus.

For a very long time the Pokemon games are about hitting first and hitting hardest. The traditional Pokemon games are usually so trivial once you get a fast, strong hitting Pokemon to lead your lineup. Arceus changes that massively as even a Super Effective hit isn’t a guaranteed kill. I was hitting a level 3 with a level 34, getting weak hits, and still not killing it in a single blow. As such, strong Pokemon that can sustain damage, such as Clefairy, will be highly sought after and we’ll tell you where to get one early in the game.

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Where To Catch Clefairy In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Clefairy In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You need to progress through the main story until you reach the Coronet Highlands. After doing the story missions here you will have the ability to climb. Once you have completed these parts of the story you will want to make sure it’s night time. It was also cloudy weather but I’ve seen Clefairy here at other weathers, but it must be night time. Check the icon in the top right of your map for the time of day. If it’s not yet night time, just rest at a camp.

Head to the Fabled Spring, at the location shown above. There’s some thick grass just off the shoreline and nearby, lots of Clefairy roam around. There is also an Alpha Clefairy here if you’re feeling brave.

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