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Pokemon Legends Arceus All Alpha Pokemon Locations

Alpha Pokemon are incredibly strong versions of regular Pokemon. This Pokemon Legends Arceus All Alpha Pokemon Locations guide will lists all of the Alpha Pokemon we’ve discovered on their travels, what level they are, and where you can find them. When you find the corresponding location guide, be sure to check the time and weather.

Pokemon Legends Arceus All Alpha Pokemon Locations

Alpha Pokemon NameAlpha Pokemon LevelAlpha Pokemon Location
Alpha Parasect30Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Rapidash40Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Snorlax45Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Bibarel16Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Eevee18Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Luxio30Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Geodude24Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Floatzel40Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Bidoof18Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Blissey (Level 62)62Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Alakazam60Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Staravia32Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Infernape65Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Scyther42Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Gyarados60Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Kricketune30Obsidian Fieldlands
Alpha Tangrowth45Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Hippowdon45Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Rhyhorn45Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Ursaring55Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Psyduck45Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Sliggoo50Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Lickilicky52Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Pachirisu 40Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Barboach38Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Raichu 52Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Carnivine43Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Roserade50Crimson Mirelands
Alpha Octillery46Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Walrein 50Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Ambipom50Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Golduck50Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Purugly45Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Sealeo57Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Empoleon69Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Ninetales61Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Mothim56Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Machoke40Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Gyarados58Cobalt Coastlands
Alpha Crobat 60Coronet Highlands
Alpha Mothim55Coronet Highlands
Alpha Gabite56Coronet Highlands
Alpha Luxray 55Coronet Highlands
Alpha Mismagius61Coronet Highlands
Alpha Electivire69Coronet Highlands
Alpha Golem60Coronet Highlands
Alpha Budew 59Coronet Highlands
Alpha Bronzong 55Coronet Highlands
Alpha Steelix60Coronet Highlands
Alpha Clefable62Coronet Highlands
Alpha Glalie62Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Gallade70Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Machamp70Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Lucario70Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Garchomp85Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Chansey 76Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Rufflet67Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Gardevoir70Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Piloswine 65Alabaster Icelands
Alpha Mamoswine68Alabaster Icelands
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