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Pokemon Legends Arceus Which Is The Real Burmy Guide

One of the requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus has you catching some Burmy for a couple villagers. Check out this Pokemon Legends Arceus Which is the real Burmy guide to find out how to complete the request. This way you can find out where to get the Pokemon without much trouble.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Which Is The Real Burmy Guide

This quest is a tricky one because you actually need three different types of Burmy. The Burmy will change what it looks like depending on which area it is located at.

I found the green leafy Burmy here on the Obsidian Highlands. Look for the shaking trees and toss your Pokemon at it. It won’t always be a Burmy, but that is where you have to find them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Which Is The Real Burmy Guide 1

I found the white one here in the Crimson Mirelands.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Which Is The Real Burmy Guide 2

And finally I found the red one here in the Coastlands.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Which Is The Real Burmy Guide 3

That being said, I’ve seen different types of Burmy is multiple spots, so you might have to keep trying. When you return to the villagers they will ask you to show them the different kinds of Burmy. The one with the rocks is the white one. The trash covered one is the red one. Once you have all three you can complete the quest.

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