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How To Summon & Play With Friends In Nioh

How To Summon & Play With Friends In Nioh
Nioh features a unique system that the developers have put into place to support cooperative play and joining other players. This guide will tell you How To Summon & Play With Friends In Nioh whether you’re looking to join random other players or long-term friends, we’ve got you covered.

How To Summon & Play With Friends In Nioh

You are not able to summon other players or play with friends until you have at least completed the first mission, Isle Of Demons. When you leave you can start joining friends or randoms during their missions. Go to the Starting Point and select Torii Gate. This will bring up the menu to either go to Yokai Realm with others or do Random Encounters with others. Yokai Realm is two people trying to beat a level together and the level is tied to both users. When one dies, they can be revived or come back as long as your Assist Gauge isn’t empty. Random encounter is more along the lines of Dark Souls. You join a friend to help them beat a boss and you get experience for doing it. If the host dies, you lose and are brought back to the menu.

That is for joining up with Random players. If you want to join up with a friend you will need two things. First off you will want a secret word, you can find this in the system menu by pressing the touch pad. It works like password system, you both set the word and you can find each other in the world. You can find it in online settings if you are having trouble. Next you will need a Ochoko Cup to use at a shrine, assuming you are trying to clear it out for a host. If you just want to do a Yokai Realm match, both players just need to set the password and one needs to wait while the other tries to find the friend. You CANNOT join a mission you have not beaten yet. So if you need help beating a level, it will have to come from someone who has already beat it.

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