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What Is Black Augurite For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Black Augurite is one of many unique evolution items in the game but What Is Black Augurite For In Pokemon Legends Arceus? In this guide we’ll tell you where you can find some Black Augurite and what specific Pokemon it’s used for. If you examine it in-game it reads a glassy black stone that produces a sharp cutting edge when split. It’s love by a certain Pokemon.

Long time fans of the Pokemon games knows what this means, it means the item is used to evolve a very specific Pokemon, usually just one. When you are exploring Pokemon Legends Arceus you will get a lot of items that read “it’s loved by a certain Pokemon” in the item description, this nearly always means that the item is used to evolve a specific type of Pokemon.

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What Is Black Augurite For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to catch a Scyther. The Black Augurite is used to evolve Scyther into Kleavor. It can be done at any level, as long as you have the Black Augurite.

Now, if you already have your Scyther and know what Black Augurite is for, how do you find it? Well, you can find it while digging up treasure with your mount but it’s not common. There is a guaranteed way to get the Black Augurite item but it’s not until late in the game. You need to complete Request #68 – A Nosepass To Guide The Way. Once you’ve caught a Nosepass this Request opens up.

Complete the Request and you will receive the Black Augurite as a reward.

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