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What Is Peat Block For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can get Peak Block from quests or digging up treasure but What Is Peat Block For In Pokemon Legends Arceus? In this guide we’ll tell you what the unique item is used for and how you can use it, as it involves evolving a Pokemon in a very unique fashion.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has both an active day and night cycle alongside a weather system, but did you know it also has realistic phases of the moon? You can’t often see it, on some maps it’s hidden behind the clouds, but it’s always there. I mention that because the Peat Block is used to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna, but you need both the Peat Block and the full moon.

Digging for treasure is the fastest way to get a Peat Block otherwise you can complete Request #86 – Gone Astray…In The Icelands.

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What Is Peat Block For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

The quickest way to use the Peat Block to evolve your Ursaring into Ursaluna is to go to the Crimson Mirelands Mirelands Camp. Open your inventory, with the Peat Block inside, and you will notice that is says incompatible with Ursaring (he has to be in your party for this to work). Simply approach the tent and select “Until Nightfall”. When you wake up, open your inventory. The Peat Block should already be selected and you can immediately check your Ursaring. If it still reads incompatible, repeat the steps and rest “Until Nightfall” again.

Eventually, when you wake up and check your inventory, it will say compatible. Then you can use it to evolve your Ursaring into Ursaluna. Depending on what your current phase of the moon is at, it doesn’t take very long. 5-10 Nightfall rests should be enough for the moon to reach around to a full moon again.

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