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How To Complete All Beast Master Hunt Quests In Far Cry Primal

How To Complete All Beast Master Hunt Quests In Far Cry Primal
So you’re looking for the Snowblood Wolf, Bloodfang Sabretooth and the Great Scar Bear, this How To Complete All Beast Master Hunt Quests In Far Cry Primal will be the perfect guide to ensure you tame all of these legendary beasts in a single swoop. Personally I was hoping for a little more of a challenge to these quests but sadly they all follow a very similar quest style and each can be complete applying the same formula.

Before you are able to complete any of the Beast Master Hunt quests in Far Cry Primal you need to find Tensays and Jayma and invite them to your village. Progress through the main story until you are introduced to the other Wenja tribe members. This will then display Tensay and Jayma on the map. When they are in your village you will eventually need to upgrade both their huts to at least level 1, as this opens quests that lead to the Beast Master Hunt’s.

Once Jayma and Tensay are in your village continue attracting new villagers, increasing your population and completing Jayma quests alongside main story quests. After a few quests you’re introduced to the Beast Master Hunt mechanics and your first Beast Master Hunt, the Bloodfang Sabretooth. Once you complete that initial Beast Master Hunt quest the rest will appear on your map.

How To Defeat Snowblood Wolf, Bloodfang Sabretooth & Great Scar Bear

Before you start I would advise that you at least have a Sabretooth tamed, for help on that check our Far Cry Primal Guide on Taming, and the ability to mount your tamed beasts which is a skill in the Fighting tree. I would also recommend that you have ample supplies coming in daily to address any issues with your Hardwood supply.

Every Beast Master Hunt works in a very similar way. When you arrive at the location marked on your map you will need to use your Hunter Sense to follow tracks and find clues. These are simple and straightforward for each of the Beast Master Hunts. Once you’ve gathered all of the clues you’ll come face to face with your target, well, almost.

In each case you’ll have plenty of notice before engaging your target. There is always trap location spots dotted around the area, marked by small white web icons if unused, which turn to red icons when traps are placed. You need Hardwood to complete these traps. For any of the Beast Master Hunts I would suggest bringing an entire bag of Hardwood, as much as you can carry.

You don’t need to activate every trap but Hardwood is not difficult to come by so just to be safe, activate the vast majority. Then mount your Sabretooth and get your targets attention. The Sabretooth will outrun any of the beasts in the Beast Master Hunt quests so simply lure them through the traps and do damage as they stop at each. The Sting Bombs are fantastic at dealing damage and using Fire Arrows are a good damage over time choice as well.

When your target gets to about 20% HP they will retreat to a lair. With enough damage dealt during the chase you should be able to reduce them to practically 3-4 hits worth of life by the time they get there. If you get to the lair and they still have a lot of HP, I suggest restarting the quest. Although even if you die, the damage you’ve dealt remains.

Inside the lair it’s just a matter of kiting your target. Keep throwing the Sting Bombs and any other means of damage, and you’re good to go.

The Snowblood Wolf is a little different as you have to fight two mini-boss Snowblood Wolves first. They’re a bit stronger than the average wolf but not by much. Don’t waste your load on the first two, kill them and continue to chase clues. The last one caught me off guard so I didn’t have time for the traps but arrow head shots, Sabretooth melee, Sting Bombs and a quick heal mid-fight was enough to finish it off.

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