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Where To Catch Pichu/Pikachu In Pokemon Legends Arceus

There’s a reason Pikachu is the main mascot of the entire franchise. In this guide on Where To Catch Pichu/Pikachu In Pokemon Legends Arceus we’ll tell you how you can get Pichu right near the start of the game and, before long, you’ll b able to evolve it into a Pikachu before you’ve even left the first region of the game.

Each of the different regions of Arceus house different Pokemon. Some are more common than others and some require special conditions before they spawn. Pichu, even with the correct conditions (much like catching Eevee early in the game) is not a guaranteed spawn, it’s very rare. As such, even if you explore the map under the correct weather conditions and time of day, you may not encounter Pichu on your first try. The best thing to do is to leave the area and return at the correct time again and see if it appears. It’s also a very small Pokemon so it can be easy to miss.

Where To Catch Pichu/Pikachu In Pokemon Legends Arceus

 Where To Catch Pichu/Pikachu In Pokemon Legends Arceus
Thankfully, you can catch Pichu nearly immediately after starting the game. The first region you explore, the Obsidian Fieldlands, is where Pichu spawns. It’s not far from Aspiration Hill, just slightly off the beaten path. When I caught my first Pichu it was clear weather in the morning, so while it may spawn at other times of the day, you can be guaranteed that it spawns during these time and weather conditions, when it does actually spawn.

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It can be a bit of a slog to finally track one down but once you do, you simply need to raise its friendship with you for it to evolve into Pikachu, and that’s how you get one right near the start of the game.

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