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Investigate Swinubs Supposed Special Skill In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Swinub has a unique Pokedex investigation to complete. This Investigate Swinubs Supposed Special Skill In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide will tell you how you can complete the investigation as it will allow you to further Swinub’s Pokedex and get those extra points to help you level up fast.

Investigations are one of my favorite parts of Arceus, I just wish they were more organic, and in the field. Still, they are good fun. Each investigation works in a near identical manner. Before you are able to complete the investigation you must first catch the required Pokemon, in this case, you need a Swinub. Once you have caught the appropriate Pokemon a special Request will become unlocked once you have progressed far enough into the story.

Investigate Swinubs Supposed Special Skill In Pokemon Legends Arceus

To solve this investigation you need to catch a Swinub and reach the Alabaster Icelands region, the final region in the game, and must also have completed Request #33 – What A Massive Mushroom. Once you have done this return to the village and a new Request will be available on the request board in the professors lab inside the Galaxy Hall building. Grab Request #76 – Mushroom Hunting With Swinub to head into the investigation.

Before you head into the Alabaster Icelands to speak with Morel, make sure you have a Swinub in your party but not as your active Pokemon. Then head to the location and speak with Morel. Then simply follow the objective tracker to each of the locations to find the mushrooms. You will get attacked at once location, which is why we warned you about not leading with Swinub.

Once you have found all of the mushrooms you complete the Request and the investigation.

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