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Where To Find The Pokemon With Two Tail Fins In Pokemon Legends Arceus

A request has you searching for a specific water dwelling Pokemon. This guide on Where To Find The Pokemon With Two Tail Fins In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you what Pokemon you’re looking for and how you can find it so you can complete the Request and get your reward.

#Request #50 – Double The Tails, Double The Fun asks you to find a Pokemon with two tail fins that you can catch and show to Netta, the girl that gave you the Request. The Pokemon you’re looking for is called Finneon, quite a fitting name for this Request really. It’s a fish, so it’s a water dwelling Pokemon. As you can’t fish in this version of Pokemon, you must have unlocked the ability to surf on water before you’re able to complete this request.

Where To Find The Pokemon With Two Tail Fins In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Find The Pokemon With Two Tail Fins In Pokemon Legends Arceus
Finneon can be found at this location on the Cobalt Coastlands. It was morning and raining when I found it but I have seen it in this location during other times and weathers also. It’s South of the Seagrass Haven islands. There’s a cave that goes through Veilstone Cape and out the other side. You can find the Finneon’s swimming around the entrance to the cave. They are quite skittish so they will run if you get too close. Have your Pokeball ready and throw it as soon as you’re in range.

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